The White Church On The Corner roundabout Cambridge New Zealand

Cambridge Town Centre

Construction converting the St Andrew’s Anglican Church Cambridge intersection (Hamilton – Victoria – Lake) into a roundabout begins. E.T.A. April!

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CBD Cambridge New Zealand December 2016

At the little roundabout Alpha, Victoria and Lake Cambridge New Zealand

Summer at the little roundabout, clock Jubilee gardens, Lake Street, Alpha and Victoria Streets Cambridge New Zealand.

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Clock Cambridge New Zealand

Clock Cambridge New Zealand

Cambridge clock lit in the Tricolour to celebrate Bastille Day 2016 and the friendship between Cambridge and Le Quesnoy; a bond forged in WW1. The immediacy of the Bastille Day tragedy in Nice, when this photograph was made on a cold winter evening, adding a sad and reflective significance to the gesture.

  • Cambridge New Zealand has a sister city (twinning or friendship) relationship with Le Quesnoy, France & Bihoro-cho, Hokkaido, Japan.

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Victoria, Hamilton & Lake Cambridge New Zealand

SH1 at the white church corner Cambridge New Zealand

The intersection of Hamilton Road and Victoria Street Cambridge New Zealand a.k.a. the White Church corner is losing its SH1 designation. The Rotorua sign is apt as the Auckland-Cambridge-Rotorua connection was significant for travellers in the early days of motoring. The icon beside the New Zealand state highway shield represents The Thermal Explorer Highway a navigation assistance for visitors travelling between Auckland and Hawke’s Bay; though somewhat superfluous to the needs of the locals. Cambridge Branch Railway (under a variety of names) also passed through (or beside) the intersection from 1884 and most of the 20th century.   A roundabout to replace the current road layout, one of a number of planned infrastructure projects, will be constructed later in the year.

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St Andrews from Te Kō Utu Park Cambridge Domain New Zealand

St Andrews Anglican Church Te Kō Utu Park Cambridge Domain New Zealand

The white church on the corner St Andrew’s Anglican Church at Victoria Street and Hamilton Road Cambridge New Zealand is no longer on SH1. The Waikato Expressway Cambridge section has altered traffic movements through this intersection. The intersection at Victoria / Hamilton / Lake and the former Cambridge Branch rail line is to be converted into a roundabout.

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Cambridge Twilight Cycling Festival 3 December 2015

Olympian Sarah Ulmer and young cyclists first Cambridge Twilight Cycling Festival December 2015

Young cyclists with Olympian Sarah Ulmer at the first Cambridge Twilight Cycling Festival Lake Street Cambridge New Zealand. The CBD circuit (of just under 1km) is; south on Victoria Street through the big roundabout to Commerce Street, around into Duke Street, back to Victoria and north to the small (clock) roundabout and so on again.

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Domino’s Pizza 18 Lake Street Cambridge New Zealand

Domino's Pizza Cambridge 18 Lake Street, Cambridge Aotearoa New Zealand

The multinational fast food outlets – KFC, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Subway and McDonald’s all have outlets in Cambridge New Zealand – all within metres of one another on the Queen Street SH1 bypass.

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Lake Te Kō Utu Cambridge Domain New Zealand

Lake Te Kō Utu, Te Kō Utu Park Cambridge Domain, Cambridge New Zealand

Looking eastwards over Lake Te Kō Utu in Cambridge Domain from Lake Street to the Maungakawa Hills, the Maungakawa Scenic Reserve and Pukemako beyond.

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Tivoli Cinema 33 Lake Street Cambridge New Zealand

Tivoli Cinema Cambridge New Zealand

Tivoli Cinema Lake Street Cambridge New Zealand

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National Hotel and clock Cambridge New Zealand

Clock and National Hotel Cambridge NZ CBD

Cambridge clock and National Hotel (The Nash) on the northern edge of Cambridge CBD in January 2004. Photograph made from Alpha Street (west & Westpac).

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