Cambridge Bowling Club Cambridge Domain Thornton Road Cambridge New Zealand

Cambridge Bowling Club Thornton Road

Members of Cambridge Brass Band play at Cambridge Bowling Club for the Cambridge Historical Society‘s 60th birthday. A cake was cut and plans for the future of the society and Cambridge Museum discussed.

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Green belt at Thornton Road Cambridge New Zealand

Town belt Thornton Road Cambridge New Zealand

Competitive cyclists returning to town after a hill climb competition on Maungakawa Road Fencourt pass through Cambridge green belt / town belt via Thornton Road. Included in the original survey of Cambridge our Town Belt forms a buffer between Cambridge and surrounding country districts.  Cambridge Town Belt [PDF] is approximately 284 hectares and encircles both Cambridge and Leamington. Town Belt land not in recreational use is leased for grazing and cropping.

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Domain on Thornton from Bowen Cambridge New Zealand

Begonia house Cambridge Domain on Thornton Road from Bowen Street

Looking south from Bowen Street towards the Begonia House on Thornton Road. 17.6 hectare Cambridge Domain encompasses the hot house, surrounding gardens & playgrounds, Cambridge Racquets Club, Cambridge Bowling Club, all on Thornton Road, and Lake Te Kō Utu & park, parkland, trees, recreational facilities and intersecting walkways.

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